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Synchronizing music to picture, Annie Lynn Music is on YouTube!

I first started making music videos on my iPhone in 2020 after my first song “Carry On” was released. Recently though, I got a MacBook Air and the whole process got a lot easier! While these are nothing fancy, I plan to make more music videos in the future to showcase the potential for my songs to be synced to music, and enjoyed in a visual way.

I also plan to make my music available for synchronizing to picture in TV and film, and other licensing opportunities in the near future. (contact: Annie Lynn Entertainment)

The links to all of the music videos I’ve made are below.

The first video I made was for my song “Carry On” that was inspired by my grandma, and uses the old dollhouse she made. I wrote more about the dollhouse here: How it broke: The dollhouse my Grandma built, its similarities to my new house, and how I’m fixing it. 👈🏽This is “members only” content: Gain Golden Ticket access here

The music video I named “It’s the little things” and was completely filmed on my iPhone, and pieced together in mini clips. There’s also a fun scavenger hunt I made for kids to find various objects as they watch, and a printable PDF checklist you can grab here.

Since then, I’ve added more videos to my collection. Some right after I released them and others near a one year anniversary. Some are lyric videos and others are simply filled with images that “sync” well with the music.

Here are links to watch them all:

Carry On
Through It All (Dedicated to Michael’s Light)
Something New
This Song’s For You
Here We Go
Little Sure Shot
Back in the Saddle
A Window Seat

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