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“Little Sure Shot” song inspired by another Annie

Out February 25th, 2022 I’ll be releasing my seventh single called “Little Sure Shot.” Read more about the inspiration behind the song below. Listen

Here’s the cover art:

I got the idea for the song title after coming across an old book my Dad gave me in 1990 about the famous American icon Annie Oakley. She is well-known for picking up a rifle for the first time at age eleven and just knowing how to shoot. She was and is still known for being one of the best shots in the world.

I learned she used her skills to hunt for food for her family, as well as showed off her talents in the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Looking into her biography further, I also learned she had a lot of hardships growing up but overcame them. She went on to be quite the advocate for orphans and is just an all around inspiring woman and person.

Annie Oakley’s nickname, “Little Sure Shot” was given to her by famous Sioux leader Sitting Bull.

My Dad has always called me by my nickname, which is Annie. Here’s the description he wrote me in the book.

Inside Cover Message from Dad

He also taped a postcard into the front cover. Our family went on a road trip out west the summer of 1990, I was eight. He must have bought the book on this trip.

Postcard of Annie Oakley

Another thing that inspired this song was taking an archery class.

Archery Lessons Fall 2021

Last fall of 2021, I took an archery class with my mom. While she had used a bow and arrow years before, I was brand new to it. I remember going into it wondering if I’d be any good at it. There was a moment looking at the bullseye and aiming my arrow when I was wondering if I had some hidden talent I was about to discover. Turns out, I wasn’t the next “Oakley” of archery. I got better as I went, even hit a few bullseyes eventually. But that experience definitely inspired this song too.

Mom and I

You never know what you’re capable of if you don’t try, and give it your best shot. And I’m all for trying new things. I teased my mom after the class session was done by saying, “what next?”


Hope you can check out “Little Sure Shot”! Listen

Have you discovered a secret talent? Or wonder if you’d be good at something you’ve never tried before? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear your story.

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