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Laid-back like a trail ride,” featuring a lap steel guitar and reggae beat section.
Horse Music Video
Virtual Trail Walk

"Give it your best shot." A sincere, sweet and encouraging song with glockenspiel.
Inspired by Annie Oakley
Music Video

“Chin up honey” with a catchy melody and foot on the floor beat!
Behind Lyrics
Dollhouse Music Video & Scavenger Hunt
Ryman Recording & Story

“Kinda Dolly Parton meets Scott Joplin” with an old-fashioned saloon vibe, featuring a player piano!
Song Inspiration
Dog Music Video

“Fun, upbeat and cheerful,” with glockenspiel!
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New Shoes Lyric Video

"Like Jackson 5 meets Disney!" A kid-friendly, jazzy-pop song with tangy saxophone solo.
Song Inspiration
Animated Music Video

“Together we’re better.” A folksy rock pop song with electric guitar.
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Lyric Video (dedicated to #michaelslight)

“Hum along.” A heartfelt, acoustic love song with accordion and melodica.
Music Video
Virtual Holiday Party

Filled with joy!” A festive Christmas song with ukulele, horns and bells. Listen
Alternate Lyrics Video
“Christmas in a Fake Fur” Spotify Playlist

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