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“Kinda Dolly Parton meets Scott Joplin” With an old-timey, player piano vibe.
A Window Seat

"Like Jackson 5 meets Disney" Featuring a fun saxophone solo. Here We Go

“Laid-back like a trail ride” Featuring lapsteel guitar. Back In The Saddle

“Chin up honey” Played at Bluebird Cafe and first recorded at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville! Carry On

“Hum along.” With accordion and melodica.
This Song’s For You

Filled with joy!” Festive Christmas song with ukulele.
Everything is Evergreen

“Cheerful and sparkly” Featuring glockenspiel and banjo. Something New

"Give it your best shot" Inspired by American hero Annie Oakley. 
Little Sure Shot

“Together we’re better” Dedicated to #michaelslight. Through It All

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