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Here’s a couple of highlights, a little nostalgic trip, including a few fun facts “about” me. 😉 AND you can watch me play an original song below!

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After only six months of picking up a guitar for the first time, I drove down to Nashville to play my first open mic! After calling over 60 times to get in, I played at the Bluebird Cafe’s open mic night where I played the first song I ever wrote called “Carry On.” Read more: My Bluebird Cafe Story

I recorded “Carry On” at the Ryman Auditorium the very next day! Read: My Ryman Story Since then, I’ve re-recorded Carry On, and released it as my very first single! Today I’ve gone on to write and release more music: Annie’s Music

My motto? “Make it an adventure!”
My songwriting journey so far has definitely been an adventure, like: How I learned to play guitar from an old cassette tape Read: How my motto “Make it an Adventure” started and led me back to singing after having given it up.

I’ve always been a performer and I love to entertain an audience. I’ve often been told I have a “natural stage presence,” and need to Keep Going

I’ve been singing, dancing, and acting ever since I was a little girl. I’m what the industry calls a “Triple Threat.” 🥰 See: performing pics I went from making my own shows in my basement with my sisters and cousins… we were called “The Cadillac Cousins,” to eventually performing in lots of shows! (Watch me play “Cadillac Cousins” below.)

I’m a part of the Xennials or “Oregon Trail” generation (born between 1977-1983). Heard of it? With a childhood in the 1980s and ’90s, I grew up with records, cassette tapes, cds! (all of it!) Analog childhood, digital adulthood…

My nickname Annie that I’ve had since I was a kid, was actually inspired by my folks seeing the musical “Annie” before I was born. AND When I was in kindergarten I even thought I was an orphan for a little while! 🤣 read more

I was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, but I lived and performed in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota before I eventually moved back. I now live in a small town in Wisconsin near where I grew up. Read: How going back to my roots led to my first song

So there you have it! How ’bout a song?

ps. I was back performing in my unfinished basement, like when I was a kid, during the pandemic! I still like to practice down there, AND it’s where I film a lot of my videos.

Click video below and I’ll play you a song! or watch here

Cadillac Cousins, by Annie Lynn (performed and recorded live)

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