Annie Lynn

Hi, I’m Annie Lynn. I’m a Midwest mom who’s exploring the craft of songwriting and learning to play guitar. I love to write and I love music! While my professional careers have ranged from musical theatre performer to home organizer, I’m currently an aspiring singer songwriter living in Wisconsin.

As a part of my creative process, I’ve been curating nostalgic stories from my past and sharing them here on this blog. I’d like to think that I’m creating my very own “micro-museum,” open for self-guided tours with no lines to wait in. While I hope it allows you to get to know me, I’m also hoping it continues to help me get to know myself.

The Annie Lynn Club is like a virtual, backyard, tiny tree house. Welcome! This is a space to hang out, reminisce of a simpler time, and reflect about what feels like “home.” While these are a collection of my childhood stories, my intent is that they encourage YOU to explore your own memories and what feels like “home” to you.

Remember those homemade soup can telephones with the string attached at both ends? Imagine yourself with one of those, and I’ve got the other end. Let me entertain you. Anytime you need an escape or refuel from a long week I’d love to tell you a story or share my NEW SONG right here. Or, if you want more… check out “Annie Lynn Radio,” a Spotify Playlist I’ve created with over 30 songs by all female artists!


Why am I doing this? I’m ready to connect the dots from my past with the present. I’m finding clues as to why I am the way I am, and allowing it to fuel my creativity. I’m collecting inspiration for lyrics to the songs I’m writing and want to share the story behind each NEW SONG.


I’m on a mission to restore a sense of curiosity in myself like I had as a little kid. I want to realign with a part of me that’s just starting to be lit up again. I hope it encourages you to dust off your own treasures and explore your own passions. We all have something special to give to this world. This project and my journey is about shining a light on just what that is.


If you scroll through my blog, you can read all sorts of stories that are inspired by years of keepsakes and memorabilia I’ve organized neatly over the years. I uncover clues about myself and stir up memories of which I reflect on. Like opening up a time capsule, or unlocking a diary, I’ll share with you the stories behind why I’ve kept the things I have. There’s always more to it!

At the end of each post I always ask a question you can comment on. While I grew up in the early 1980s and 90s, you may begin to reminisce and remember all sorts of experiences from your past too. I’d love to hear your story! So make sure to leave a note and I’ll write you back. So get ready for an adventure!! Are you with me? Let’s be pen pals

I’m so excited you found this little nook and cranny of the internet called The Annie Lynn Club. The gate’s always unlatched. (wink) I’m so tickled you’re here. Visit often. It’s gonna be a hoot!

Pinkie promise ~Annie LynnSONY DSC

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