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How going back to my roots led to my first song

In the summer of 2017 my folks moved out of my childhood home in Madison, Wisconsin. I had lived there since I was four up until I left for college in Minnesota where I studied music, theatre and dance, and performed in the Twin Cities area. View: Performing Pictures

Since 2000, I had been traveling back and forth from Minnesota to Wisconsin.

Losing a physical place to come home to that was familiar was really difficult for me. During that time it made the Annie Lynn Club, that first started as just a blog where I’d write about childhood stories, even more important to me. I found it to be a way I could preserve memories I had made. It felt like I was “home” whenever I’d write about my time living where I’d grown up. Read: How the Annie Lynn Club Started

That spring and summer before they moved I made multiple trips down to visit. My Dad and I started to sing together in the basement like we had when I was a little girl. I continued to blog, but it was during this time I began to write songs.

Me and Dad singing when I was four.

The first song I wrote is called “Carry On.” I released it as my first single in 2020. It came out of my time writing these childhood stories on my blog, and my quest to write a song that would help me during a difficult time. It’s inspired by my Grandma. Listen to: Carry On

In the summer of 2019, I relocated my family from Minnesota, where I’d been for the past 19 years. We now live in a small town just outside of Madison, Wisconsin where I grew up. We’ll see where I go next!

It’s great to be “home” and I’m excited to continue this adventure!
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(Me and Bucky Badger in Wisconsin)

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