Why the comb in my Dad’s pocket reminds me to save money (Part 3)

The contents of one's pockets are oftentimes incredibly personal, but I recall my Dad always carrying a black plastic comb. Read why it reminds me to save money! There's even some pretty awful hairdo pics I'm sharing from 1987-1999. This is Part 3 and the last part of my hair stories series.

Three Bad Hair Day Stories: Say it… Feathered on the side? (Part 2)

We've all had bad hair days. Here's three of my worst bad hair days in Part 2 of my hair stories series. I start out with a story about my determination to learn to spell better and frustration with how I was taught to spell which is inspired by a picture of me with a mullet. Next, my 1980s hair pick reminds me of the day I got that cut, another day I got a brush stuck in my hair, and a dreaded encounter with a bully on my school bus.

Two Hair Stories: my grandma the beautician and lice in the school library (Part 1)

I've got tons of hair stories! This is the first couple in a Hair Story Series I'm writing. My grandma was a chatty beautician who loved to play with hair. Find out what she'd say was her favorite feature and why it made me learn to love my blonde hair. And my sisters and I shared this one item until a run in with any mother's worst nightmare, lice!

1980s wooden toy airplane

The day I co-piloted and flew a plane at three years old

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a pilot! Read my nostalgic story about the day I was a co-pilot and flew a plane at three years old. I'll take you back to 1885 in Madison, Wisconsin just months before the space shuttle The Challenger crashed.