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NEW song “A Window Seat” inspired by a Badger Bus trip and little red suitcase

With the release of my latest song “A Window Seat” out November 19th I thought I’d share what inspired it. Listen & Watch the Dog Music Video

The first line of lyric in the song is: “A little red suitcase goes underneath riding a Badger bus to Milwaukee.” On the cover art for the song, I’m sitting on a red suitcase.

Cover Art for “A Window Seat”

Here’s a picture of the suitcase on the chair I now use for songwriting. It was mine when I was a little girl and I still have it.

The “little red suitcase” that inspired “A Window Seat”

The story behind it is actually something I’ve written about before. Before I started songwriting I began this blog, which is “The Annie Lynn Club,” posting on a regular basis about memories and nostalgic stories I recalled while looking at old things I’d kept from my childhood. It was a way for me to get to know myself better and escape from daily worries and stresses being a mom of two young children. What I’ve gathered has been a source for lyrics to other songs I’ve written, like Carry On.

This little red suitcase was one of the items I chose to write about. This collection of stories here on this blog are under the category of “Annie’s Micro Museum.” It’s kind of a way for me to share what I’ve captured and things about my past, while preserving my unique history growing up as a little girl in the early 1980s and 90s.

I must have been about five when I got the suitcase, around the same time I learned to ride a bike. The blog post I write about that adventure, which includes more about this suitcase, is here: How I learned to ride a bike 👈🏽This is “members only” content: Gain Golden Ticket access here

Here’s a picture of me with it at my grandparents’ house in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Me visiting my grandparents in Brookfield, Wisconsin 1987

I’d taken the Badger Bus to visit them to stay for the week. I actually rode alone! I know. In those days, it wasn’t a big deal. Read how I flew to Florida alone at 11 here: Flying to Florida alone when I was eleven

When I started writing “A Window Seat” I remembered taking the bus on more than one occasion and how I always, always had a window seat. That way I could look out the window and see the scenery, and of course see my grandparents waiting for me at the park-in-ride where my stop was:

“To Goerke’s Corner the stop in between,” which was between Madison and Milwaukee.

So there you have it.

Can’t wait for you to hear “A Window Seat” out November 19th!

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Did you ever take a bus trip somewhere? I’d love to hear your story. Leave a comment below.

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