My NEW home studio set up!

I’ve been working on building a home studio for a while now. It’s been a huge process both in research and learning what the heck I’d exactly need to do what I want to do.

I still have a long way to go in practicing how to use everything, but at least now I feel I have some of the basics I need for recording and producing music.

What equipment did I get?

One of the first things I got last year right around Thanksgiving was a new MacBook Air. I have been a PC user my whole life, so this was a huge switch for me. But knowing I was eventually going to use a DAW (digital audio workstation) called Logic Pro, that runs on a MAC, I decided I’d transition over sooner than later. So far I really love it! I even got it in a fun rose gold color.

…And next I got a wireless mouse to match! My Audio-Technica headphones I got a few years ago. (Both pictured below)

I’ve also had a basic little microphone (Apogee), mic stand, and what they call a pop filter for quite some time. These I’ve used for recording my vocals for all but one of my songs (Carry On). Since the pandemic started, I began recording my own vocals in my closet! For everything up until this point I’ve used GarageBand.

But now I’ve added these other pieces to my set up listed here:

(Audio-Technica AT2035) Microphone

Focusrite Scarlett Solo (Audio Interface) -hooks my microphone and guitar up to my laptop and converts the sound from analog to digital. Fancy, I know!

A pair of studio monitors (PreSonus Eris Series E3.5), and a midi keyboard (M-Audio Keystation 49MK3) for playing fun sounds! … oh, and a larger monitor to save my eyes too.

To top it off.. I just got a brand new desk for it all! It’s even got a nifty spot to keep my headphones handy! Best part, it’s in my favorite color. Yellow!

(Did I ever tell you why I love the color yellow?) Read why here 👈🏽This is “members only” content: Gain Golden Ticket access here

I’m really excited I got all the right cables I need now to connect everything, and I’m looking forward to just playing around with things as I navigate this adventure!

Have you slowly built something from the bottom up, or collected equipment and supplies for something you enjoy too? I’d love to hear your story. Leave a comment below.

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