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“Back in the Saddle” on Ukulele

It’s been only a little over year since I picked up a ukulele on a whim at the music store my sister works at in Madison, Wisconsin. They were having a summer tent sale and she was like, “come on over!”

I was dropping my nephew off with her after he’d spent the night at our house anyway, and this was a nice meet up place. I thought since I was there, I’d check out what they had.

I wasn’t really planning on buying anything, until I walked inside and saw ukuleles of all sorts of colors! I knew right then I just had to get one.

I chose my favorite color yellow, of course.
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I’d been practicing a little before that on an old ukulele my Dad had given me to borrow. But I’d been considering getting one for a while, and so I guess it was just kinda meant to be.

A couple months later I released a song I wrote called “Back in the Saddle.” About a year after its first release last summer, I recently decided to do a ukulele version of this song and record it. (pictured below)

Watch “Back in the Saddle” on Ukulele by clicking the play button below or here.

(The original release of Back In The Saddle was on August 19th, 2022)

It’s been fun re-learning how to play previous songs I’ve written now on the ukulele, and write some new ones on it too.

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