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How I recorded the vocals for “Through It All” in my closet

I released “Through It All,” my second single, on July 24th, 2020. If you haven’t heard it yet, Listen to Through It All here. Originally titled “Keep Going,” it’s evolved since I wrote it back in February of this year, and again since I last shared about it in May. Read Keep Going: a song I wrote in my cold, unfinished basement with no windows Like my first single Carry On, it was a collaborative effort and also co-produced with Jourdan Hines here in Wisconsin. But this time, the song was 100% recorded remotely.

“Through It All” was 100% recorded remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic

Because of the stay-at-home orders in place, we had to adapt our process. In order to record the vocals myself at home, I had to learn how to use a program called GarageBand. While I had only dabbled in it before, I did a lot of trial and error using my i-phone, if you can believe it, to do everything! Technology is crazy amazing now, and it was really exciting to be able to figure out how to continue moving forward despite the current situation.

Getting myself set up was really challenging. It took a few weekends of Saturdays trying things out to get it right. I used a great little Apogee microphone my Dad bought me a couple years ago. Thanks Dad! See that round thing in the front? It’s called a “pop filter.” This keeps things like “p” and “s” sounds from standing out too much. Nifty right?

My Microphone Set Up

Listen to the final version of Through It All

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