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Carry On Dollhouse Music Video “It’s the little things”

I had a lot of fun making a kid-friendly music video for my song Carry On! It features my grandma’s old dollhouse that I used to play with as a kid. You can watch as I have fun setting it all back up to the way it used to be. Watch the Carry On Dollhouse Music Video “It’s the little things” here. Or just click the play button below.

Check out the scavenger hunt that I made to go along with the video too! You can download that here for free:

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There’s a lot of tiny miniature toys and furniture in this little video.
Did you catch them all? When I re-watched the video I got to thinking how it reminded me of the Highlights magazines I used to read as a kid, and that I now read to my own kids. Do you love “look-finds” too?

The scavenger hunt I created has over 40 things you can find in the video! Just click the button below to get a list of all the items. There’s a simpler version for kiddos who can’t read yet with pictures as well. So everybody should be all set!

Click the download button below for a free Scavenger Hunt.

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Read stories behind this vintage dollhouse
In case you’re curious to learn more about the dollhouse’s history, and want to see more pictures. I wrote all about it here: How it broke: the dollhouse my Grandma built, it’s similarities to my new house, and how I’m fixing it 👈🏽This is “members only” content: Gain Golden Ticket access here

Did you play with tiny toys as a kid too? I’d love to hear your story, or what your favorite miniature in the video is. Leave a comment below.

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