Annie Lynn Radio: Your “YOU got this!” Spotify playlist

Annie Lynn Radio is a new playlist I created on Spotify, and it’s playing now!! listen and “click the heart” to follow the playlist here.

Remember mixed tapes?
I’ve been taking a lot of walks lately. Not with a walk-man like the good ol’ days (sigh), just me and my trusty phone. But on those walks I’ve been carefully curating a music playlist! It’s soooo good. I’ve worked really hard on it, tweaking and digging deep into artist’s catalogs of songs. So a lot of the songs are not maybe the ones you’ve heard before, or at least more unlikely. Count me in!

It’s not just any playlist though.
It features over 30 songs by all female artists! Some you’ll recognize and some you may not. I found some great newer artists for instance I think more people should hear. I’ve also included some really cool collaborations with more than one artist featured. Some are more unexpected, like Dolly and Sia. Have you heard of The Highwomen?

I’m lovin’ this groove.

I’ve tried to balance it with some well-known and some lesser known artists, but they’re all fantastic! Yes, my song “Carry On” that I released one week ago is in there too. The playlist is still a work in progress, so I plan to continue to edit it as time goes on.

So when your boots need a walking…. or you’re planning your next virtual hangout…

Your YOU got this playlist is: Annie Lynn Radio!
I’ve played around with the order too so it has a great variety of tempos. So think, some upbeat, some more chill, and with current themes that I hope help refuel the listener, YOU. I kinda try to take you on a journey.

Make sure to click the heart to like/follow the playlist so it’s easy to find next time and pops up for ya. The heart will turn green when you select it.

Also, you can “heart” your favorite songs in the list too.
 Listen to and check out the Annie Lynn Radio playlist on Spotify here.

Did you ever make a mixed tape or CD for someone special? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your story.

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