Annie's Micro-Museum, Nostalgic Stories

My dog Skipper

Sitting at the top of the steps I could hear my parents in the entryway below. I slowly scooted down the stairs on my butt, inching closer to the bottom, one step at a time. I made sure no one could see me by keeping up towards the wall, just enough to stay out of… Continue reading My dog Skipper

My 1988 Pink Mickey Mouse t-shirt
Annie's Micro-Museum, Nostalgic Stories

The Christmas I unwrapped Mickey Mouse

My favorite Christmas was in 1988 when I was six. In my family we always opened gifts the night before Christmas on Christmas Eve. Usually we were in Brookfield, Wisconsin just outside of Milwaukee at my Dad's parent's house. This year however, my grandparents came down by us in Madison, Wisconsin. My Grandma Mary Jean… Continue reading The Christmas I unwrapped Mickey Mouse