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Party like it’s 1988!

Everyone needs a signature move. Mine was a hair flip.

I used to imitate the models on TV commercials as a little girl. They seemed to always be flipping their long hair away from their necks. When my Dad got a new camcorder in 1988, the year I turned six, one of the first things I did was look into the lens and do a hair flip!

I remember being so excited to have my first friend party. My grandma had made my favorite cake, rainbow confetti with a light whipped topping. I had my party dress on and couldn’t wait for everyone to arrive!

Here are a few little clips from my sixth Birthday party, the first video I was ever in. Oh, and wait for the hair flip too.

I loved being recorded. Loved being seen, being in the spotlight. I think it surprised my parents. I showed confidence and would light up, kinda put on a show in the moment. Like here where I’m making up a little song on the spot. Guess I wrote songs then too. I’d forgotten.
I knew very early on I loved to entertain, to capture the attention of an audience. Looking at this video reminds me of that.

Do I still flip my hair?

No, it’s been too short for that since my Junior year of high school when I cut it and started highlighting it blonder like it was as a little girl.

Although it had started out straight like in this video, I learned to embrace my curls that I didn’t really get until middle school. My hair got frizzy and out of control when I left it get too long.

My short, curly blonde hair feels like me. Maybe it’s not a signature move, but it’s my signature look for sure.

Do you have a signature move or look? I’d love to hear all about it! Leave a comment below.

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