A Window Seat, Annie's Music

“Wholesome” Music Video with “A Window Seat” song features dogs!

“A Window Seat” released on November 19th, 2021. This year, to celebrate its anniversary I made a music video, and it features dogs!

I’ve only had two dogs in my life so far. I wrote about my first dog Skipper here. 👈🏽 ps. (this is “members only” content.) Gain Golden Ticket access here

But both dogs I have to say have enriched my life and brought so much value to the everyday. Maybe you can relate? They’re just the best darn friends around.

Wherever you go, by your side, and ready for your next adventure… Watch “A Window Seat” Dog Music Video here

“This was adorable and wholesome.”


That is so cute! For some reason the song reminds me a bit of Dolly Parton. Maybe it’s the genre.”

-Patty H.

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