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NEW song “Back in the Saddle” features a lap steel guitar & Reggae beat section!

Laid-back like a trail ride” On Friday, August 19th I’ll be releasing a NEW song called “Back in the Saddle.” This will be the eighth single I’ve released with Jourdan Hines!
Listen to “Back in the Saddle” or join Annie for a Virtual Trail Walk!

“Back in the Saddle” is out August 19th!

This song is unique in that it features a one-of-a-kind custom made lap steel guitar!
Jourdan, (my producer/co-writer/multi-instrumentalist) arranges and plays all the instruments in the recording. He ordered it in the color blue from California!

Here’s a couple of pictures he texted me while it was being made:

“Back in the Saddle” features a laid-back, reggae beat section in the middle. Can’t wait for you to hear it. Here’s a picture of the lap steel all done!

Custom made lap steel guitar used in Back in the Saddle!

And speaking of new instruments in fun colors…

I recently got my very first ukulele, in my favorite color! AND while there is a ukulele in the song, I’m just learning how to play it. What color would you have chosen? Listen to a cover song here

My NEW Ukulele!

Is there something new you’d love to learn, or try again? Leave a comment.

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