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The “Here We Go” melody saved my sanity as a mom

I’m releasing a new song Friday, June 18th called “Here We Go.” It’s an energetic, fun and funky, jazzy pop, kid-friendly song that features a tangy saxophone solo and sunny lyric that grooves on the words of the title “Here We Go.” It will be added to this Spotify Playlist: “Kids Car Songs.”

I came up with the initial melody of the song in March of 2017, just about six months after having my second son. I’d become a fulltime caregiver, “stay-at-home” mom, since his birth and would make a point to go out at least once a day with both of them somewhere.

Perhaps you read my other post about How “Annie’s Adventure” started.

These afternoon “adventures” became a necessary part of our day. I had heard another mom say, “yeah I hate that term Stay-At-Home Mom because I’m never home with my kids, we’re always going somewhere at least once a day.” I began to completely relate to that.

Getting out was a must, but it wasn’t at all easy.

I found getting two little ones into the car and ready to go very challenging. Whenever I wanted to get us ready to go somewhere I just began saying, “Here we go!”

There was the making sure you had everything factor, the snacks, the diaper bag, the sippy cup, a water bottle for myself, the change of clothes or proper coat for the weather. Was it going to rain? Did I need boots today? Are the batteries working in the favorite bumble bee toy with the music that I can actually stand being played over and over?

There was the timing. Would I go before nap? Would I be back in time for lunch? How long would it take to do what we planned to do? What snack would work best today? Those darn fruit pouches are the best, but pricey. I needed something to be easy, it was worth it to buy them, for now.

There was the car seat strapping in. Anyone who’s dealt with getting kids in and out of the car knows car seats are just not always that easy. I found them tricky, but I loved my black Mazda 5 because it had mini-van like doors that slide! They were the best. I could more easily swing a car seat carrier in and out and get them strapped in with less hassle. I preferred to call it a “sport wagon” however.

Sometimes there was crying, fussing, or downright screaming. I started singing “Here we go go go go go oh oh…” Just riffing on the little saying I’d say as we were getting ready to go. It just came out and I noticed the boys calmed down. Heck, I’d calm down. It worked, and it was easy.

So I kept singing it. “Here We Go” became our song. The song melody that saved my sanity as a mom. Our anthem to get from here to there, and everywhere in between.

Over the years from then until now, this little melody never left my head. I recorded it in my phone and later put some other lyrics to it to make some verses. I shared it during a few virtual performances I did on Facebook Live last year during the pandemic. I just enjoyed singing it.

While the song I’m putting out in June is so much more than what it began as, and the melody and lyrics have evolved, the spirit it all started with is still there. Sometimes you just need something to help you get up, and move yourself in a direction you want to go. “Here We Go” was written with that in mind.

Here is a picture with me and my Mazda just before I traded it in for another family vehicle this spring.

Below is a picture of the pink calipers, painted by my husband before we had kids. I’m looking forward to new adventures, and sharing this song “Here We Go” with the world.

Did you have a favorite car? What was the best part about it? Did you ever name it? I’d love to hear your story. Leave a comment below.

3 thoughts on “The “Here We Go” melody saved my sanity as a mom”

  1. Holy cow Annie! You ARE a Kindie! We met so I can introduce you to Kindies and Kindie Radio! I love this story. We all have a story-song that turned us into Children’s Songwriters. I guess this is yours? Congratulations on the new song and all your songs! Peace, “Philly Annie Lynn”✌🏼💖🎶🌻

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by the Annie Lynn Club, and taking a listen! Yes, “Here We Go” is inspired by a little melody I used to sing getting my kids in the car when they were little. This song is for kids of all ages, and fun to move to, to get you from here to there and everywhere in between! Have a terrific day, and make it an adventure! 😉

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