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“This Song’s for You” Holiday Song Virtual Release Party

How do you celebrate a holiday song release during the middle of a pandemic like a good ol’ fashion Christmas party?

I found a way.

You’re invited! Join me for a virtual party where I’ll play “This Song’s for You” and teach you how to make festive citrus pomander balls and delicious golden turmeric tea!

Join the party and watch here: (pre-recorded) (recipes below)

Listen to “This Song’s for You” or Watch the music video

I’ve done four live events previously, all of which have been really fun. Interacting with people in the comments has been a great way to stay connected during this isolating time. It’s been a way to finally get back to sharing my songs like I did at open mics before COVID-19 happened.

This time I’ll just be playing my new song but I’m also going to show how to make festive aromatic Citrus Pomander Balls! Plus I’ll be sipping and sharing a recipe for a cozy Golden Turmeric Milk Tea! (see both below)

What to call this event?

I came up with Old-Fashioned Christmas in a Fake Fur “This Song’s for You” holiday release party!

Old-Fashioned Christmas in a Fake Fur…

As the event title suggests, I’ll be wearing my grandma’s old fake fur coat, because well why not?… and I knew I saved it for a reason. (Wink) She’s the one who taught me how to make the citrus pomander balls so many years ago.

Rehearsing in Grandma’s fake fur coat.

Need a NEW holiday playlist? I’ve created one called: “Christmas in a Fake Fur” on Spotify! Click here to follow and add it to your favorites: Christmas in a Fake Fur Spotify Playlist

In case you’d like to do this festive activity right along with me or make a cup of tea to enjoy as I play, I’ve included the supplies and ingredients lists below for you to have.

Click here: to watch the replay.

How to Make Citrus Pomander Balls:

Supplies Needed:

  1. Oranges (or your favorite citrus fruit: grapefruit, clementine, lemon or limes)
  2. Whole Cloves (1/2 cup or more)
  3. Piercing Tool (nail, pushpin, toothpick or skewer)
  4. Paper Towels (to wipe up)
What you’ll need.


Ribbon (for hanging) & Pen or Rubber Bands (for patterns)


  1. Poke and stick
  2. Create designs (clusters, stripes, circles, swirls, Christmas figures)
  3. Hang to dry for best results to avoid mold (shrinks slightly as dries)

Tip: For best results, hang in cool dark place for up to two weeks. Once dried, it will keep preserved for years.

Using my basement railing to dry these out a week before the party.

Use as a centerpiece, put in a decorative bowl or basket, add pinecones, greenery… add to your mantel with garland, hang like an ornament, or put in a closet after the holidays for a lovely smell all year round!

Swipe over or click through the slide show below to see some of the designs I tried.

Golden Turmeric Milk Tea Recipe:

Golden Turmeric Tea

1 cup milk (cow, coconut, soy or almond)

3/4 teaspoon turmeric powder

1 teaspoon honey (or extra to taste) I’ve substituted with Agave.

1/4 teaspoon black pepper (ground or pepper powder) or just a pinch. Reduce if you prefer less spice. I like half the amount, 1/8 teaspoon, for instance.

Directions: Mix all in sauce pan and bring to boil, simmer 1 minute and turn off. Enjoy!

Getting out my Vera Wang wedding china to use!

What’s your favorite holiday drink? Do you have a tradition from years ago that you’d like to try again? I’d love to hear your story. Leave a comment below.

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