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The story behind the Carry On song lyrics: Nice things take time

Just my Grandma and I were standing around her dinning room table when she said, “Nice things take time.” I’ll never forget it. It was like a piece of advice and an observation all in one, and it stuck in my memory for good.

So, below is an excerpt from a previous post. You can read that full post here: A silver spoon links me to well-known bookbinders and reminds me that: nice things take time.

But since I’m releasing my first single Carry On in the early part of 2020, I thought I’d re-post this story since it’s the story behind where I was inspired to use “Nice things take time” as a song lyric in that song.

So it goes… (from previous post)

My Grandma had planned for us to frost and decorate mini gingerbread cookies together. I was probably in middle school, not sure. Maybe it was the early 1990s.

She had baked piles of the cookies ahead of time and had them all spread out in front of us. It smelled great!

She had also made them all identical, just a basic gingerbread man shape, about the size of my thumb. She only had white frosting for us though, no other decorations. She preferred a more traditional look, “simple” she said, and showed me an example of how I could use a toothpick to dab the frosting on “just so.”

She went about picking up each little gingerbread cookie and got busy making two eyes, a mouth, and three buttons down the middle. Then Grandma held one up for me to see, and copy if I liked. I picked one up and tried to do one like hers. It wasn’t so easy, and I fumbled a bit. She said, “That’s alright. Just try again.”

Then she said: “Nice things take time, Annie.”

And so I learned how to decorate gingerbread cookies, and listened to Grandma talk, as I repeated the steps dabbing white frosting on each cookie, one after the other.

(end of older post)

I just so happen to make gingerbread cookies every year now myself.

Here’s one I made this past Christmas 2019! It just so happens to be on Grandma’s dining room table I inherited. That makes me happy.


It’s much thicker than the ones she’d make, but it tastes good. A little flour covered too, but… nothing’s perfect. Of course now I definitely know that, and still like to remember also that without a doubt…

…”nice things take time.”

If you’d like to see how I worked it into a song, look for that line in the full song lyrics to Carry On.

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What’s a phrase someone special to you said to you once and it’s stuck with you over the years? I’d love to hear your story. Leave a comment below.

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