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The story behind the Carry On song lyrics: Keep your chin up honey, Not everyone’s gonna love you like me

Was there ever someone in your life who said something to you and in one moment it immediately lifted your spirits and stuck with you for good? It’s the best, right?

My grandma Mary Jean, pictured here with me, once said..

Carry On Song Inspiration

“Not everyone’s gonna like you. Just be nice to everyone, smile and… keep your chin up Annie.”

Because I kept going back to this conversation we had over the years, I thought it would make a great song lyric. Now, it’s changed a bit as a song lyric. Keep reading and I’ll show you how below.

I’m probably in about seventh grade I’d say in the picture. And although I’m not quite sure if this picture is of the exact same day she said it, it’s dang near close. Those pre-teen and teenage years were tough. Getting a pep talk from my grandma made an impression on me.

I remember her wearing that blue outfit with crazy matching jewelry she always had. I believe those are some sort of tropical bird on the necklace and I think she had earrings to match too!

If you look close you can see the “red eye” in my eyes too! Remember that? No fancy filters then. Her eyes aren’t even open. Never knew what we were going to get until we had the film developed. Remember that? Crazy. Anyway…

I’m working on recording my first single called CARRY ON. It’s special to me because it’s a song that is inspired by the things my grandmother used to say to me when things got tough.

I previously posted all of the lyrics to CARRY ON, but there’s a little bit more of the story behind these specific lyrics in the song, below.

The lyrics are…

Carry on, keep your chin up honey

Not everyone’s gonna love you like me

It’s the first couple lines of the chorus of CARRY ON.

I originally wrote it as “keep your chin up Annie,” but I decided to change it to “honey.” I guess to make it more relate-able to my listener. If I’m just playing it on my guitar for fun, I’ll sometimes still sing it as “Annie,” but the recording will have “honey” instead of “Annie.”

Anyway… Just a few fun facts I thought you might find interesting in how things evolve.

Okay, Thanks for reading today… Carry On! (wink)

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What’s a phrase someone special to you said to you once and it’s stuck with you over the years? I’d love to hear your story. Leave a comment below.

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