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Was struck by the track’s driving energy, the uplifting lyrics, the front porch textures and inspired vocals. – Acoustic Rainbow

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My very first single called “CARRY ON” is available now everywhere you can listen to music! (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube Music…) Search: Carry On, Annie Lynn and you’ll find it. Or Subscribe and join my email list to receive my music updates and a FREE download of my song “Carry On!” Get Carry On now by becoming an Annie Lynn Club member here

CARRY ON is a lighthearted acoustic song, and has an upbeat and hopeful feel with lyric about carrying on no matter what.  It has a foot on the floor beat that has elements reminiscent of the dance barn band sound from the time early country got it’s roots. Featuring vocals by Annie Lynn with Jourdan Hines on acoustic guitar, it also has bass, ukulele, drums, cajon, tambourine, shakers and a cowbell! It fits in the Folk Americana genre with a fresh sound one might put in a “Happy Folk” playlist. Extremely catchy, it has an unexpected and unique section in the middle.

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It was the perfect song to listen to as I parked my vehicle before going into work for a long day of patient care. These are uncertain, challenging, and anxiety-producing times for many. Embrace the things that bring you hope and joy; this song certainly did that for me.

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Carry On is the first song I wrote and what I played at the bluebird cafe’s open mic night in Nashville, Tennessee when I visited there the summer of 2018. Read My Bluebird Cafe Story here. I also had the opportunity to record it live at the famous Ryman Auditorium during the same visit as well. Read My Ryman Story here. (includes a link to listen to that recording!)

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Kid and family-friendly! Watch the Carry On Dollhouse Music Video and download a free scavenger hunt to go with it here

What people are saying about Carry On:

What an appropriate title for the times.
Beautiful and will pass on goodness.

4 thoughts on “NEW Song”

  1. Annie! I just love your lyrics! It does take you back to a nostalgic, simpler time in life. Kudos to you! And look at you! Floating down a river in an inter tube. Awesome! What river is that? Sounds like another song, eh? Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks so much Deborah! I’m not sure what river it is but now I’m curious to ask my sisters who were floating next to me if they know. Thanks for your enthusiasm and support! Carry On!

  2. Your new song “Carry On” is just fantastic Annie!!! And it couldn’t have come out at a better time! Thanks so much for brightening our days with your beautiful music!

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