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How to join the “Through It All” Challenge Community

The purpose of the “Through It All” Challenge is to encourage reflection on what keeps you going, and build a supportive community around the idea that “together we’re better.”

It is an online challenge that uses the hashtag: #throughitallchallenge The mission is to cultivate hope, celebrate being adaptable in our ever changing world, and acknowledge our individual and collective challenges we face everyday.

You don’t have to be nominated to do it. Anyone wanting to share something that has helped them “through it all,” is welcome to participate. If you share something you’re a part of the supportive community. Asking someone else to do it is optional, but a way to help grow the community.

It is inspired by lyrics from a song I wrote called Through It All.

How to join the Through It All online community

Not on social media? You can participate in the comments below. What has kept you going “through it all” and why? Leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

If you’re on Instagram or Facebook you can participate this way: Include the “hashtag” #throughitallchallenge in your post with a picture of something that has helped you through it all and explain why it’s helped. Including #throughitallchallenge makes it searchable and organizes the responses into one tidy spot on either site. To engage in the community, “like” and comment on other people’s responses. Do the challenge once, or repeat whenever you like.

Checkout the #throughitallchallenge community on Instagram here

Checkout the #throughitallchallenge on Facebook here

“Through It All” was released on July 24th, 2020. Listen to Through It All here.

What’s helped you through it all? Leave a comment below and tell us why it’s help. Thanks for sharing and Keep Going!

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